Visit report of “Tehran city No 6 Water treatment plant”

Tehran water treatment plant No.6, the most significant treatment facility in the Middle East, was designed to generate a segment of required drinking water for Tehran’s western areas. The water treatment plant, located northwest of Tehran, receives the raw water derived from the Amirkabir Dam in the Karaj river via a tunnel. 

Visit Of Tehran city No 6 Water treatment plant by cooperation with the young specialized committee of IHA Was done on Wednesday, January 2nd. Dr. Jaber Soltani, a former member of the association’s board of directors, and Dr. Mehdi Yasi, president of IHA, chaired the visit. Pictures OF this visit are put at the end of this post. For more information, please see the visit report by clicking

اخبار مرتبط

“Scientific visit of “Tehran city No 6 Water treatment plant” Enrollment

  A Scientific visit to “Tehran city No 6 Water treatment plant” will be held …

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