virtual Workshop “Hydrodynamic modeling of water flow and sediment in rivers and hydraulic structures by using CCHE2D model”

The CCHE2D model family is an integrated package for simulation and analysis of free-surface flows, sediment transport, and morphological processes. In addition to the numerical model itself, this family includes two more members: a mesh generator (CCHE2D Mesh Generator) and a Graphical Users Interface (CCHE2D-GUI) to help you use the CCHE2D model more quickly and efficiently. The CCHE2D mesh generator, the former, allows the rapid creation of complex structured mesh systems for the CCHE2D model with several integrated useful techniques and methods. Simultaneously, the latter, the CCHE2D-GUI, is a graphical user environment for the CCHE2D model with four main functions: preparation of initial conditions and boundary conditions, preparation of model parameters, run numerical simulations, and visualization of modelling results. As illustrated in Fig. 1.1, the CCHE2D Mesh Generator provides meshes for CCHE2D-GUI and CCHE2D numerical model, while the CCHE2D-GUI provides a graphical interface to handle the data input and visualization for the CCHE2D numerical model.

Main topics of the course:

  • Introducing capabilities of the CCHE2D model
  • Introducing the relationships between water flow and sediment formulas used in the CCHE2D model
  • Introduction steps of river phenomena modelling by using CCHE2D model
  • CCHE-MESH model training to produce geometry and computational network
  • Training CCHE -GUI model to model water and sediment flow (permanent and non-permanent flow)
  • Introduce examples of modelling training of applied hydrodynamic flow modelling project


 Dr. Mohammad Rostami
Faculty Member of Soil Conservation and Watershed Management Research Institute
Author of CCHE2D Applied Training Book on Hydrodynamic Modeling and Open Sediment Transfer


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