IHA Structure

IHA Structure

According to the Strategic Plan of the Iranian Hydraulic Association, the organizational structure of this association on September 19, 1959 was reviewed and approved by the board of directors as follows:

Staff divisions

Executive management: Executive management division is responsible for defining, planning, equipping, organizing, guiding, performing, following up, supervising, monitoring and supporting of all the executive functioning of the Association to accomplish its higher goals which defined by the board of directors.

Business Development: defining macro policies in the field of communication with members, clientele, target market and as a result, influencing on the structural definitions of the products and services of the association according to target market expectations, organizing, defining, equipping the necessary measures for marketing and presenting products and services.

Operations and product development: defining macro policies, Planning, Organizing, Operational managing of development, Presenting products and Services according to expectations defined by business development management.

Operational divisions

Members Network: Planning, Organizing and Running all necessary measures to attract, maintain and motivate the community members and presentation of the related services and products (Products, Membership, Consulting and Monitoring, Placement) according to the macro policies defined in this division.

Marketing: taking part in defining policies, Marketing plans and supplying of all association products, Marketing, Administrating, Organizing, Defining, Equipping the necessary measures for marketing, Marketing, supplying of products and services

Education and research: policy making, administrating, planning, equipping, defining, organizing, doing all educational activities, organizing conferences and educational seminars and publications (Teaching products, Books and Journals), in the line with macro policies and administration, monitoring the achievement of the goals of the association, planning for the product and service development.

National Awards: Policy making, Administrating, Planning, Equipping, Defining, Organizing, doing all assessment activities, checking, judgment and selection of various awards in line with macro policies, planning for development of this product and service.

Organizational diagram

The organizational diagram of the Association is as follows: