Journal of  Hydraulic

Journal of  Hydraulic

One of the most remarkable scientific societies that demonstrate the dynamic of these societies is specialized scientific journals. According to its vision and missions, IHA made diligent efforts to achieve a license to publish the journal since its establishment. In 2005, these efforts succeeded and the permit of publishing.

“Journal of Hydraulic,” a scientific research journal, was obtained.

Journal perspective

One of this journal’s main goals is to obtain a high position and main level between the Persian specialized scientific journals in hydraulics and related sciences.

The mission of the Journal of Hydraulic

Preparing appropriate conditions for publishing and expanding researchers’ findings and applying and developing research related to hydraulic engineering to achieve more progress and further develop research results in the water sector’s different file.

Main goals of the journal

  • Clarifying problems and issues of the country’s water sector and provide solutions for them
  • Improve researchers awareness about the most critical and common water issues in the country by publishing the results, create a dynamic connection between the hydraulic association and the hydraulic engineering society
  • Introducing capacities of Hardware and software in the community of hydraulic engineering
  • Demonstrating the achievements of fundamental and developmental research
  • Improving professional ethics between hydraulic engineers and researchers
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