Virtual Workshop “Particle Tracking Simulation with OpenFOAM “

OpenFOAM is first and foremost a C++ library, used primarily to create executables, known as applications. The applications fall into two categories: solvers, which are each designed to solve a specific problem in continuum mechanics, and utilities, which are designed to perform tasks that involve data manipulation. New solvers and utilities can be created by its users with some pre-requisite knowledge of the underlying method, physics and programming techniques.

OpenFOAM is supplied with pre-and post-processing environments. The pre-and post-processing interface is themselves OpenFOAM utilities, thereby ensuring consistent data handling across all environments.

Main Topics of Course:

  • Introduction
  • Particle Forces
  • Particle Collision
  • Governing Equations
  • OpenFOAM Solvers
  • Preparation the Problem
  • Example
  • Lagrange Library Modification


Dr. Ehsan Khawasi, Faculty Member of Zanjan University Engineer

Hamid Yousef, Graduate of the Faculty of Mechanics, Amirkabir University of Technology


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