Hydraulic Structures and Models Committee

Goals and perspective

  • Filling the gap between researchers and experts
  • Recognizing the scientific gaps, which can be used in hydraulic research
  • Preparing a universal base of knowledge and experience in the area of designing hydraulic structures
  • Familiar with minor changes in the use of hydraulic systems to water management in an environmentally friendly way.
  • Defending the value, role and importance of hydraulic structures
  • Holding workshops, conferences and meetings in the area of hydraulic Models and structures
  • Authorship and translation of related books
  • Providing precious databases from laboratory field data to persuade and promote hybrid modellings (numerical/physical)
  • Collaboration with companies, organizations and other associations in the area of models and hydraulic structures

 Membership conditions

  • Each member of the association can apply for membership and being active in this committee at the time of membership or afterward. Those people who are not yet registered in IHA can join it through the Membership Page, and the members can join the International Affairs Committee through the Committees Membership

Committee members

Committee Secretary

Babak Afshinfar

Committee director

Dr. Mojtaba Sanei


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Committee Meetings

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