19th Iranian Hydraulic Conference

Conferences Themes

  • River & Sediment Management
  • Hydraulic Structures & Irrigation Facilities
  • Flood Hydraulics & Currents
  • Groundwater Hydraulics
  • Computational Hydraulics
  • Environmental Hydraulics
  • River Interaction with Sea, Lake and Wetlands
  • River Interaction with Aquifer
  • Water & Wastewater Network Hydraulics
  • Water Measurement Instruments and Techniques
  • Physical and Laboratory Models in Hydraulics
  • Water Quality & Pollutants Hydraulics


  • Dr. Dalila Loudyi

Université Hassan II de Casablanca | Water and Environmental Engineering

The subject of the lecture

Introduction of IAHR

  • Dr. Mehdi Ghomshi

Head of the Faculty of Water Science Engineering, Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz

The subject of the lecture:

Analysis of dam construction in Iran and its comparison with other countries in the world

  • Er. Mohammad Haj Rasooliha

Advisor to the Minister of Energy and Deputy CEO of Iran Water Resources Management Company

The subject of the lecture:

Comparison of challenges and approaches to water resources management in Iran and other countries