About IHA

Iranian Hydraulic Association (IHA), founded in 1994, is the oldest Iranian independent Non-Profit Organization (NGO) of water scientists and engineers. This association established to introduce the national status and conditions of the professions and sciences related to the hydro-environmental issues and their practical applications and develop a connection between nationally and internationally scientists and experts for better co-ordination. The IHA members are selected among experts and graduate students in Civil Engineering, Hydraulic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and other affiliated industries involved in the field of hydro-environmental engineering.

The Association has already taken effective steps to coordinate professional activates, formulate rules of work, prepare regulations, organize scientific and technical conferences, publish news and scientific newsletters, and communicate with the domestic and international organizations active in fields related to the hydro-environmental sciences.


The Main Objectives of the Association:

  • Initiation and consolidation of scientific connection to national and international researchers and experts concerned about hydro-environmental problems and related issues.
  • Organizing international, regional and national events such as congresses, specialty conferences, workshops and continuing education courses.
  • Publications such as book, newsletter, scientific journal in Persian or English
  • Participation in planning and decision-making of national and regional water issues problems and support stakeholders in developing solutions
  • Encouraging the researchers, scholars, professors and students, and prominent activists in the water sector in the field of specialty.


Scientific committees association:

  • Hydraulic structures and models committee
  • River engineering committee
  • Marine and coastal hydraulics committee
  • Computational hydraulic and hydrodynamic committee
  • Eco-Hydraulics committee
  • Hydraulic systems management committee
  • Water conveyance systems and distribution networks committee
  • Hydraulics turbomachinery committee
  • Groundwater hydraulics committee