Virtual workshop “HEC-RAS two-dimensional modelling.”

HEC-RAS is a computer program that models the hydraulics of water flow through natural rivers and other channels. Prior to the 2016 update to Version 5.0, the program was one-dimensional, meaning that there is no direct modelling of the hydraulic effect of cross-section shape changes, bends, and other two- and three-dimensional aspects of flow. The release of Version 5.0 introduced two-dimensional modelling of flow as well as sediment transfer modelling capabilities. The program was developed by the United States Army Corps of Engineers in order to manage the rivers, harbours, and other public works under their jurisdiction; it has found wide acceptance by many others since its public release in 1995.

The Hydrologic Engineering Center (HEC) in Davs, California, developed the River Analysis System (RAS) to aid hydraulic engineers in channel flow analysis and floodplain determination. It includes numerous data entry capabilities, hydraulic analysis components, data storage and management capabilities, and graphing and reporting capabilities.

The main topics of the Course:

  • Investigating the Structure of a Two-Dimensional HEC-RAS 5 Model
  • Familiarity with the Application Features of a Two-Dimensional Version
  • Making a Two-Dimensional Model of a River Basin
  • Description of Numerical Settings of the Model for Implementation in Unsteady Model
  • Learn about how we can turn a two-dimensional model into a one-dimensional model
  • Modelling dam failure one-dimensional and two-dimensional mode
  • Receive graphic and animation outputs from the model
  • Transfer the results of the hydraulic model to the GIS


Dr. Asghar Azizi, Faculty Member of Imam Khomeini

Author of books:

  • Two-dimensional flood simulation in HEC-RAS 5
  • Numerical model environment
  • Applied flow and sediment modelling training in HEC-RAS
  • Applied training CCHE2D model in hydrodynamic modelling and open channel sediment transfer

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